Video surfaces of young child being led through his ‘Gay BCs’

The LGBTQ agenda includes the indoctrination of youngsters, like the boy you will see in the video, and students who attend public schools and colleges. Radical LGBTQ activists are going all out to restrict the free speech of the opposition and to obtain special treatment for themselves. They will go to great lengths to reach their goals, including distorting science; likewise, they out right lie about what the Bible clearly says about homosexuality, sexual immorality, and God’s plan for marriage — one man, one woman for life!

Now to Disrn’s post — watch the video!:

(Disrn) A viral video surfaced Sunday that had conservatives rushing to decry the over-sexualization of young children, while progressives defensively argued that normalizing non-heterosexual identities was necessary for children to be respectful of others.

The video shows a woman reading through a book called the “Gay BCs,” with a young, seemingly special needs boy, learning the alphabet by associating the letters with sexual or gendered terminology like “B is for bi,” “C is for coming out,” “I is for intersex,” and “Q is for queer.” View article →


The LGBTQ Agenda

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