China declares homosexuality a mental illness? Where’s LeBron? Where’s Disney?

“The bottom line here is that crude declarations of mental illness for what homosexuals themselves believe is an innate, immutable state are not the global standard, not the United Nations conventional wisdom, and China once again proves it doesn’t care about international law.  It’s going to do what it’s going to do because it always gets away with it.”

(Monica Showalter – American Thinker)  Dissidents have been warning us for years about the nature of China’s communist totalitarian regime.

But unlike a lot of them, the dictatorship also has money and markets.

In the West, that means quisling defenders, many with a snoot in the trough.

So here comes a pitched curve ball for China’s clapping seals, according to the South China Morning Post:

A Chinese court has upheld a ruling that a textbook description of homosexuality as “a psychological disorder” was not a factual error but merely an “academic view”.

The Chinese LGBT community, and the 24-year-old woman who filed the lawsuit, have expressed disappointment at the decision, handed down last week by the Suqian Intermediate People’s Court in the eastern province of Jiangsu.

Ou Jiayong, who also uses the name Xixi, said the court’s decision about what constituted a “factual error” was “random and baseless”.

In 2016, during her first year of study at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, Xixi came across a psychology textbook that described being gay as a mental disorder.

The 2013 edition of Mental Health Education for College Students, published by Jinan University Press, listed homosexuality under “common psychosexual disorders” — along with cross-dressing and fetishism. It stated that homosexuality “was believed to be a disruption of love and sex or perversion of the sex partner”  View article →

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