Francis Chan Joins Priests and Nuns to Speak at Roman Catholic Conference

“In an interview with Our Sunday Visitor, Chan explains that lately he’s been really fellowshipping with Roman Catholics who “love the gospel” and as a result was eager to share with them all his message at Seek21.”

Author and evangelist Francis Chan has joined forces with the Roman Catholic contingent, appearing as a guest speaker at a major Catholic conference and continuing to give evidence that he’s putting on his floaties and taking one step closer towards the bank of the Tiber river, dipping in his toe and ready to swim across to Rome.

Chan, once a Master’s Seminary grad and now a spiritually squirrely scoundrel, was last seen healing an entire village without the Holy Spirit, as well as butchering church history by declaring that for the first 1500 years of Church history, “Christians all believed the same thing” – a position that he has begun to publicly ruminate is very attractive to him.

The latter lament was particularly telling, showing the draw Chan has towards the Roman Catholic Church. In the conversation with Greek Orthodox convert Hank Hanegraaff linked above, Chan visually struggled and wrestled with where to land with his faith, with every word showing he’s about 2 years away from embracing the Pope. View article →


Francis Chan

Hank Hanegraaff

Roman Catholicism

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