Barack Obama Has Now Been President Longer than FDR

“During Trump’s four years in Washington, Obama ran the shadow government out of his DC home, probably exerting more influence over the wheels of government than the man in the Oval Office did. Obama lined up whistleblowers, leaks to the press, and resistance to the president from within the government, including in the White House and the president’s cabinet. He advised “the gang of four” and other radicals on policy and presentation.”

(Ayad Rahim – American Thinker) On March 3, 2021, Barack Obama passed Franklin Roosevelt for the longest presidential tenure in American history.

What’s that you say? — president, for longer than FDR? But FDR was elected president four times; Obama was elected president two times.

Yes, all of that is true. That’s why this record has an asterisk next to it.

For anyone with eyes to see, the current presidency is being run by Barack Obama.

Even before this presidency began, its roots were laid in Obama’s home in Washington. Over the past couple of years, Obama-House was the royal court for receiving, selecting, and anointing the party’s standard-bearer for 2020. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris were Obama’s favored candidates, and Obama-House functioned as the campaign war-room. But Harris gained no traction, and dropped out of the race on December 3, 2019, exactly two months before the Iowa caucuses.   View article →


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