Obama’s Wingmen Set to Take Over Justice Department Again

“Biden’s Justice Department is shaping up to be as hyperpartisan, relentless, and destructive as Barack Obama’s, perhaps more so since no one has been held responsible for perpetuating the Russian collusion hoax on the American people for more than three years.”

(Julie Kelly – American Greatness)  In his first public remarks, Joe Biden’s acting deputy attorney general promised he would spare no resource in the nationwide manhunt for anyone involved in the Capitol breach on January 6.

“The investigation into those responsible is moving at a speed and scale that is unprecedented, and rightly so,” John Carlin said in a February speech on the threat of domestic terrorism. “Those responsible must be held to account, and they will be.”

Carlin referred to the Capitol melee as an example of “violent extremism.”

If Carlin’s name rings a bell, here’s why. Carlin headed Barack Obama’s National Security Division at the Justice Department for more than two years; his office handled all the evidence presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) seeking permission to spy on suspected enemies of America.  View article →


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