Joe Biden Is Still Lying About COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution. Here Are the Facts.

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media)  Joe Biden, who claimed repeatedly during the 2020 election campaign that he would be a uniter, desperately wants you to give him credit for the unprecedented pace of COVID-19 vaccine development.

In fact, the plan for Biden to take credit for it started before he even took office.

Less than a week before the inauguration it was announced that the incoming Biden administration would rename Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration initiative that resulted in two COVID vaccines approved by the FDA before Trump left office, and a third vaccine a couple of months later. Trump’s initiative delivered an FDA-approved vaccine five times faster than the fastest prior vaccine development in history.

In conjunction with the rebranding of the initiative, a concerted effort by incoming Biden administration officials began to trash the vaccine distribution plan left by the Trump administration. Some, including Kamala Harris, have claimed that there hadn’t been a plan at all—a claim debunked by former Operation Warp Speed officials.

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