If Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution Was Enforced, Would We Have a Stolen Election, the Border Crisis or Antifa and BLM Burning Down Cities?

“It is clear Democrats will not enforce this one section in our Constitution, disregarding our Constitution and making it worthless.   Americans believe in the law, not the lawless Democrat destructive policies.  It’s time for our politicians to change and uphold our Constitution or be removed from government or arrested.”

(Joe Hoft – Gateway Pundit) What if our Constitution was fully enforced? What if our politicians mandated that all our laws were enforced?  What if those with the responsibility to enforce those laws did what they are mandated to do?

The Obama Administration began its war on America in every which way imaginable.  The Obama regime created spending bills that only gave money to their cronies, created sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, created confusing laws that differ between the federal government and the state, and then created methods to steal every election from now through the end of time.

It’s pretty clear that the Obama Administration was out to destroy America.  This gang spied on the Trump Administration and attempted a coup knowing they would never be penalized due to the goons Obama put in the FBI and DOJ.  This was a major step in Obama’s efforts to destroy the country.  View article →

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