Police Show up at Gracelife Church Service and are Barred Entry, Warn Elders of Criminal Charges

(Protestia)  While James Coates made a triumphant return to his congregation last Sunday after spending over a month in jail, taking the pulpit to the joyous cheers of his congregants, some drama was brewing outside the church building.

While the mainstream media showed up with no fewer than six security guards and filmed across the street, having not been granted access to the church property, one reporter, Shelia Gunn Reid of Rebel news was granted access and filmed the sequence of events.

Just as service started, and as Pastor Coates was about to begin his message of thanks, which we transcribed here, two police officers and a Provincial Health Inspector approached and sought entry to the building, explaining that they needed to investigate what was happening inside the church. They insisted entering was necessary to determine whether or not they were in violation of the health orders by being over the allowed 15% capacity. This information was passed on to James.  View article →

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