Revoice Gay-Straight Friends Planning a Life Together

“This rationale brings up questions that churches have not had to consider before. Why is it OK for a male youth director to describe another man repeatedly as cute but not OK for a male youth director to say this about another woman? Is it OK for a male youth director to describe the Lord Jesus Christ as cute?”

(Shawn Mathis – Pastor Revoice rocked the Reformed world in 2018. They introduced the first coming-out event that began normalizing homosexuality in the church. In 2020, they introduced the first coming-out of a gay-straight couple.

You read that right. Couple. Is that the right word?

First, we have to remember what Revoice is about. It is the annual coming-out of the celibate gay from within the churches. It started in 2018 and has continued every year since.

In 2020, their event went online. We can find a few videos of it on Youtube. There is not much there, but there is a “deep-dive” webinar entitled, “Better Together.”

In this webinar we discover this gay-straight duo. It is there we discover why couple may be more descriptive than duo.   View article →



Homosexual Agenda

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