John MacArthur Responds to Julie Roys’ Libelous Claims in Lawsuit Against Gavin Newsom

“Ms. Roys repeats a falsehood that she previously mentioned in her blog, namely that Grace Community Church was having a COVID-19 outbreak and pressuring staff and congregants to not report the cases to the County Department of Public Health. This claim is entirely false.” 

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte) Julie Roys, a yellow journalist who is on a self-proclaimed mission to destroy John MacArthur, has been ceaselessly attacking MacArthur on her website, the Roys Report….

After attacking him for making a living off of his ministry and posting pictures of his house and lambasting him for living too close to the beach, she began attacking his church by claiming that his church has failed to report to the county any outbreaks of COVID-19 which is required by law.

John MacArthur and Grace Community Church respond to Roys in a lawsuit filed against California governor, Gavin Newsom this week. In the section titled “RESPONSE TO THE “ROYS REPORT,” MacArthur states…  View article →



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