Covid-19 ‘Smart Mask’ To Monitor Every Breath You Take

“The World Economic Forum— creators of The Great Reset—is pushing a Covid-19 ‘Mask of the Future’/‘Smart Mask’  engineered to monitor every breath you take. Taxing every breath you take is sure to come next.”

(Judi McLeod – Canada Free Press) ‘Mask of the Future’—dubbed the ‘Smart Mask’ will control all physical movements of its wearers rather than protect them from the Coronavirus and its sure to come, many mutations.

They call it “Breath Sensor Technology”.

Built by a conglomerate, including CirQ Technologies, “a health-tech company focused on creating non-invasive, graphene-based bio-sensor technology platforms using proprietary sensors and modular technologies including low-cost sensors, wearables and smart clothing applications”, Smart Mask has all the bells and whistles for Life in the ‘Time of the Coronavirus’.

‘Mask of the Future/‘Smart Mask’ seems to be immune to an April 5th, 2021 Canadian health official warning about face masks that contain graphene or biographene, urging a recall by distributors.   View article →


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