Eric Metaxas Tells Bizarre Story of ‘Vision’ of Non-Born Again Catholic Going to Heaven, Denies Scripture

“This bizarre story should give anyone who believes the gospel serious pause about Metaxas. If this is what Metaxas actually believes–that you don’t have to be born again to go to Heaven–then Metaxas is a false prophet and an enemy of God.” 

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  If you’re not familiar with Eric Metaxas, he’s a well-known conservative religiopolitical commentator and author whose life revolves around building bridges between the political and the religious right….

Metaxas, a religious transient who was raised in the Greek Orthodox Church, passing through the completely apostate Episcopal Church, and is now attending a Presbyterian Church, is a regular speaker in the conservative wing of the Evangelical speaking circuit.

Metaxas, however, should not be considered an orthodox believer by any discernible standard. Metaxas not only gave glowing accolades to Joel Osteen, a well-known prosperity gospel heretic, but he’s also a friend and ally of charismatic false prophet, Bill Johnson of the Cult of Bethel Redding.  View article →


Bethel Church, Redding CA

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