To Save The Republic, Destroy The Media

“If the police officer had not shot Bryant, the woman in pink would be dead. No one disputes it, they just don’t care. They need another George Floyd more than a junkie needs another fix, and if they have to manufacture it, well, dang it they were going to make one. Even in the face of irrefutable video evidence to the contrary.”

(Derek Hunter – Townhall)  To produce some viruses for study, in the hope of eradicating them, scientists use monkey kidney cells. It’s the perfect environment for them to replicate; to grow. For the virus that is progressivism, the media is the monkey kidneys, and to eliminate the threat that this left-wing sibling of communism, socialism, and fascism poses to the world, that delivery device needs to be destroyed.

The profession, or at least what it used to be and is supposed to be, is important to the country. People need to know what is happening in their world. But what we have now is not journalism, it’s something else, something beyond propaganda. It can’t be reformed, the core isn’t rotten, it’s deliberately corrupt and hell bent on the destruction of our way of life.  View article →


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