Texas Lawmakers Complicit in Perpetuating Lie About Differences Between Men and Women in Sports

“I don’t have to tell people of normal intelligence who are unblinded by politics that men and women have different physical capacities. To say otherwise is a lie, and is both biologically false and a direct contradiction of the phenomenology observed over the millennia of human existence.” 

(Mark Rippetoe – PJ Media)  The following statement was prepared for the Texas House committee hearing for HB 4042, dealing with the issue of congenital males competing in the women’s division in Texas high school sports. The bill, which would have prohibited the practice, is officially dead, having not been brought to a vote by the chairman.

My name is Mark Rippetoe. I am author of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, the best-selling book on barbell strength training in the history of publishing, and Practical Programming for Strength Training, likewise the best-selling book on strength training programming, both in their 3rd editions. I have trained women for strength for 42 years, and I am regarded as an expert on the subject of training for both men and women. A lifelong resident of Texas, I live and work in Wichita Falls. View article →


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