Man Beaten and Held at Gunpoint by BLM/Antifa Says Attacker Used ‘George Floyd Restraint’ on His Neck

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media)  The disabled U.S. Marine and Army veteran attacked and held at gunpoint by antifa and Black Lives Matter “protesters” on a Portland street last week says when they jumped him a heavy man put his knee on his neck ala George Floyd while hurling racial epithets at him.

And Joe Hall, who’s white, told me for the Adult in the Room Podcast that his PTSD kicked in and he feared for his life.

My PTSD kicked in. I was in fight or flight mode and it was a scary place to be. All I heard was “kill this white boy.” The antifa little 21 or 22-year-old agitators – they were yelling and screaming and just telling me “we’re going to kill him.” And the neighbors all joined in with “kill this white – nobody called the police until I get back to my vehicle.”

He deployed non-lethal pepper spray balls at one point, to clear the agitators. He warned them in advance and used the distraction to get back to his red truck, which he says bears an “I Voted for Donald Trump” and U.S. Marine stickers. He then called police.  View article →


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