Sexual Anarchy: The GOP Fiddles While Kids’ Souls Burn

“Desmond the drag kid”

“Consider: Why do groups deviating greatly from “traditional” morality — the “LGBTQ” crew, drug users, etc. — generally embrace “leftism”? Why does it appear, in fact, that there is here a direct relationship: The greater the degree of moral degradation, the stronger the support for Democrats?

(Selwyn Duke – The New American)  Have you heard the story about the engine and the caboose? The caboose doesn’t want to go where the engine is taking it, but the latter has all the energy and provides the movement. So the caboose sometimes is lighter and pulled more swiftly and sometimes is heavier and provides more resistance, but reaching the destination is a foregone conclusion — all that will vary is the arrival time.

This is a metaphor for the conservative-liberal struggle, and bringing it to mind is a recent article at Mission: America titled “Children Endangered as GOP Applauds Sexual Anarchy.” Complaining about how even Republicans are “slouching toward Gomorrah,” author Linda Harvey writes:

More and more Republicans embrace and even promote “LGBTQ” demands, oblivious to the corresponding deviant, harmful behaviors. So America’s children are exposed and vulnerable, because what is routine for adults today will seem normal to 11-year-olds within a decade.

The stats already tell us the promotion of sexual alternatives to kids is unfortunately working, as well over 15% of the nation’s youth now call themselves “queer,” a percentage that has risen sharply in recent years, but it’s not due to inborn proclivities. Research has failed to turn up any dependable biological key. The expansion of this sub-population is instead the rotten fruit of depraved, incessant promotion and social engineering.

Which few politicians have any interest in challenging.

H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act,” is a far-left, radical, anti-child, anti-Christian measure. But so is the alternative, GOP-supported “Fairness for All Act” in the U.S. House, which tosses a few religious exemption bones to the faith community but still legitimizes depraved, immoral conduct.  View article →


Desmond the drag kid

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