Will Vaccine Passports be America’s Version of Yellow Badges?

“The worry is that digital records can be used to track people. Cyberattacks and data glitches could reveal private medical information. Worst of all, vaxxports create a two-tiered society. Those who choose not to be vaccinated – for religious reasons or because the non-FDA approved vaccines are of dubious safety and efficacy – wont be able to move about freely and lead normal lives.”

(Janet Levy – American Thinker)  With millions of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, a national debate now rages over vaccine passports” (or vaxxports) that privilege those who have taken the jab.”….

These proofs of immunization take the form of a smartphone app with a personalized QR code. Those favoring such digital certification say it makes us safer” as a society and hastens a return to pre-pandemic normalcy. But critics liken it to Chinas social scoring system (Social Credit System) aimed at rewarding those who conform and punishing those who dont. They decry it as government overreach, invasion of privacy, and curtailment of personal freedom. They believe Americans shouldnt be required to show proof of vaccination or reveal personal information to go about their daily lives. Anti-vaxxport protesters in Californias Orange County – who are on the frontlines in this battle – even had a placard saying “‘Show Your Papers’ is a Nazi Plan.” View article →

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