Sen. Ted Cruz Warns: Wokism Is Emasculating Our Military and Threatening America’s Survival

US Defense Watch photo

(Selwyn Duke – New American)  Leftists are “trying to destroy the American military” and “turn it … into a bunch of pansies.” So warned Senate Foreign Affairs Committee member Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Friday, responding to a new, outrageously politically correct U.S. Army recruitment ad. Featuring an animated portrayal of a true story of a “little girl, raised by two moms,” the ad signals how the military has thoroughly transitioned from sexual rectitude to “Don’t ask, don’t tell” to, finally, “Will tell — you better approve.”

The Daily Mail summarizes the story, writing: 

Sen. Ted Cruz said a ‘a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea’ as he compared it with Russian video featuring shaven headed soldier

His comment triggered backlash accusing him of trolling his own armed forces

Sen Tammy Duckworth said he shouldn’t suggest the Russian military was better than the one that came to the rescue during Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Cruz reveled in the storm, saying the U.S. military was the greatest in the world but ‘woke media are trying to turn them into pansies’    View article →


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