Pope Calls for ‘Ecological Spirituality’ to care for ‘Mother Earth’

Like some grotesque morphing of Roman Catholicism, the New Apostolic Reformation’s Seven-Mountain Mandate, and the Democrats’ Green New Deal, Francis reveals that there are seven sectors of the church that need to be pulling together. These are “parishes and dioceses – schools and universities – hospitals – businesses and farms – organizations, groups and movements – religious institutes.”

(Protestia)  The capitalism-hating, socialism-loving Vicar of the Roman Catholic Church has come up with a seven-year plan to greenify the world and heal “Mother Earth” on account of the “wounds that we cause by our predatory attitude, which makes us feel that we are masters of the planet and its resources,” in order to “inaugurate a lifestyle and a society that is finally eco-sustainable.”

This new venture from Pope Francis is unsurprising, as the pontiff has been effusive with his flattery and worshipful praise of mother Gaia, joining with pagans to worship a topless earth goddess, saying that fossil fuels are immoral and should be banned, suggesting that God will flood the world again if we don’t stop global warming, and arguing that we need to ditch capitalism so that we don’t kill the planet and each other.  View article →


New Age Spirituality

Roman Catholicism

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