MSNBC & Brian Williams Dishonor D-Day Soldiers by Labeling Them ‘Antifa’

“The Nazis and Italian fascists had the guts to show their faces when they, like Antifa, rioted and used violence to achieve political ends.”

“I don’t know if I have the words to express to you my horror and disgust at seeing this clip.”


(Selwyn Duke – The New American)  Have intellectual and moral integrity declined to a point in America where people will say anything, no matter how absurd, as long as it’s “woke”? A good indication the answer is “yes” is the June 6 edition of The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, on which the following words were heard:

“Who is Antifa? They stormed the beaches of Normandy, parachuted into the French countryside, and gave their lives to face down and fight back against fascism.”

Got that? Our fathers and grandfathers who lost limb and sometimes life in WWII were just like the puerile, pasty-faced, privileged children who wear masks as they commit crimes, riot, and destroy property in the name of overthrowing our entire American system.  View article →


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