Reality Hits Hard—Lib Cities Move to ‘Re-fund the Police’

“Why risk their lives every day if they’re going to be thrown under the bus by elected officials at all levels who are just jockeying for a little camera time?”

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media)  It was just about a year ago at this time that many American cities descended into a madness that was frustrating, heartbreaking, and quite surreal.

The common thread among all these cities is that they have been in the thrall of Democrats for a very, very long time. When violence erupts like it did last summer, having a bunch of rabid ideologues in charge — no matter what side they’re on — is never the answer. The room is in need of some adults once chaos waltzes in.

The surreal part, of course, was how the Democrats in Congress reacted to the unrest. Rather than side with law and order, they fully embraced the Marxist lunacy of the Black Lives Matter movement. To be sure, they were almost all the way to a full embrace prior to last summer, but they hadn’t gone in for the deep hug yet. In doing so, they outed themselves as the cop-haters that they’ve been for some time now.  View article →


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