Canada Announces Pride Month Isn’t Enough, Will Now Celebrate ‘Pride Season’ From June To September

“This is just one example of the frenzied celebration of all manner of sexual perversions as individuals, corporations, organizations, and, sadly, even some “Christian” groups trip over themselves trying to be the most enthusiastic in their LGBTQ activism. But what are they really celebrating?”  Ken Ham

(Harbingers Daily)  Canada has announced the launch of its “Pride Season,” which will run from June to September to celebrate “LGBTQ2+” people.

The month of June, which has been established as “Pride Month,” marks the beginning of Canada’s Pride Season, and will feature a series of events and parades for the “LGBTQ2+” community. Major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary are expected to host the events, according to Mister B&B, an LGBTQ social networking website.   View article →

DISCLAIMER: This news story is posted for informational and research purposes and is not in any way intended as an endorsement of Harbingers Daily.

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