Numbers Don’t Lie, Liberals Lie: A Real Look at Illegal Immigrant Crime

“It seems to me libs are all about skin color. Would they happily allow people over the border if Central America had been conquered by the pale people of Ireland?”

(Kevin Downey Jr – PJ Media)  For the party that supposedly supports women, Democrats make it really easy for rapists to enter the country illegally. Libs always fall back on certain talking points in regard to crimes committed by illegal immigrants….

My favorite lib twist is, “They don’t commit as many crimes as Americans.” Maybe, but guess what? There are more Americans living here; hence, Americans commit more crimes. Guess who commits more crimes in China? The Chinese. Duh. The point is, if illegals weren’t here they couldn’t commit crimes here. Every crime you read about in this article is a crime that should not have occurred. All American children, women and men who were assaulted, raped, robbed, and beaten wouldn’t be victims of these criminals if the border was secure. Try as they might, libs can’t deny this reality. They’ll just call you a racist.  View article →


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