One Country No Longer

“Here in Wyoming, it is unheard of for public school children to be taught that their country is essentially based on evil. No one is tearing down statues. Few are canceled for stating an opinion.  But in the mega-cities of New York and Los Angeles, careers are routinely destroyed by political witch-hunters. It’s now a macabre sport. Hollywood is the worst.”

(Bill O’Reilly) Jackson, Wyoming.  No masks.  That’s the first thing you notice upon leaving the airport.  Everyone is face-forward.

No homeless.  It’s cold at night in the summer time Rockies and I didn’t see anyone sleeping on the streets. Somehow, shelter is available to all.

Skin color doesn’t seem to be a problem, either.  Lots of different races touring the National Parks.  Rangers say it’s calm on the human-agitation front, the way it should be in the land of the free.

Bears, however, are a different story.  You don’t mess with them out here.  View article →


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