Fixing our eyes on Jesus

This is Monday, June 28, 2021. It sure is a Monday. As I got up this morning to take Sunrise photos before doing my morning devotions I found that the dreary rain and dark clouds were still with us. I took a few shots then went back inside. I sat down with my Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning, my Tabletalk Magazine, and Greek Word for Today word study devotionals before praying. However, I was in a dark mood that seemed to match the weather. I have issues both with the Department of Safety of Oklahoma and the Social Security Administration….

I am having issues with the company I work for. Most of this has to do with me being nearly 70 years old and I am being pressured on one side to retire while on other sides to still act like a full time employee at work providing goals for the next several years. The State of Oklahoma is in no hurry to reissue my driver’s license that expired in April because, hey, everyone’s driver’s license in Oklahoma is expired due to the push to be One Id. I have all this pressure being put on me while at the same time I am working very hard on my retirement IRA and 401K to grow them and protect them so I can retire and have enough to live on for who knows how long. Yes, I was in a pretty dark mood this morning as I sat down to go through these devotionals and pray. However, that didn’t last long. The first one I always start with is my Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning. View article →