Tucker Carlson: ‘The Biden Administration Is Spying on Us — We’ve Confirmed That’

(Breitbart)  Monday, FNC host Tucker Carlson said the federal government was spying on him and those associated with his program, which Carlson said was revealed through a whistleblower within the government.

According to Carlson, the proof was the whistleblower revealed details of a story they had been working on that could have only been known through texts and emails.

Carlson said his team had filed a Freedom of Information Act request and called on the federal government to cease the behavior immediately.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: So, Joe Biden told us recently that the single gravest terror threat this country faces is not Islamic radicalism, ISIS or al Qaeda, as the government has told us for 20 years now. It’s not the brutal mobs of race extremists who burned and looted our cities last summer, BLM and Antifa, as — if you’ve been paying attention — you’d assume it would be, of course. They’re the ones who burned the cities.

No, it’s none of that. The main threat we face as a nation, Biden told us, is white supremacy — white American terrorists. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies have concluded that, the president said. It’s an established fact. View article →


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