Why the Coming Split in the Southern Baptist Convention Is Inevitable

“Here’s the bottom line that the SBC’s “woke” leaders better wake up to (no pun intended): Most of the 14 million Southern Baptists in the denomination’s churches will not sit and be propagandized with CRT or any other false gospel much longer. Keep it up and the SBC will soon be just another dying Protestant has-been.”

(Mark Tapscott – Something is very rotten in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which represents America’s largest Protestant denomination, and it is only a matter of time before it goes the sad way of the mainline Methodists and Presbyterians.

The rot at the core of the SBC is illustrated in three men who ought to be stalwarts of the Gospel, but who are instead leading the convention into Woke Hell. This trio includes Matt Chandler, lead pastor at The Village Church; outgoing SBC President J.D. Greear; and his successor, Ed Litton of Redemption Church.

Litton had no sooner eked out an unexpected victory in the race to succeed Greear over Conservative Baptist Network stalwart Mike Stone than he was at the center of a scandal informally known as Sermongate. View article →


Southern Baptist Convention

Matt Chandler

J.D. Greear

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