Pentagon Pauses Its Woke Soul-Searching PowerPoints Long Enough to Notice that Afghanistan Is Falling to the Taliban

(Bryan Preston – PJ Media)  With Tucker Carlson sparring with the National Security Agency and critical race theory becoming a hot topic among school boards nationwide, the Pentagon took time out from its own divisive and unit-wrecking extremism lectures long enough to notice that the Taliban is sweeping across Afghanistan. Fox reports:

Pentagon officials are watching the Taliban’s sweeping advances in Afghanistan “with deep concern” and are encouraging its Afghan partners to “step up” and defend their country amid the pullout of U.S. forces, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Sunday.

Joe Biden is a strategic moron and always has been. Early on after the heinous 9-11 attacks, he came up with the idea to just hand Iran giant piles of American cash. Americans would have been shoveling money to Tehran only to have it come back at us as bombs. View article →


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