CBN: SBC President Ed Litton must resign, Gospel witness at stake

“As further evidence of what appears to be serial plagiarism continues to surface in at least six videos from a variety of named sources, the Conservative Baptist Network calls on the leaders of the SBC to address this matter promptly and biblically.” 

(Capstone Report)  CBN: Ed Litton’s ‘sinful behavior and the lack of forthrightness when exposed is inconsistent with the character and integrity Southern Baptists rightfully expect from their president.’

The Conservative Baptist Network of Southern Baptists said Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton must resign. The call for Litton’s resignation follows a month-long plagiarism scandal that ignited blogs, social media and was even featured in a New York Times front page story on Sermongate. Now, CBN says Southern Baptists can wait no longer—Litton must resign because the Gospel witness of the Church is at stake.   View article →



Justin Peters video – Plagiarism, Homosexuality, Pastoral Integrity and the State of the SBC: An Interview With Jim Osman

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