Three Oneness Pentecostals, an Adulterer, a Whoremonger, a Pillow Tycoon, and Trump’s Lawyer Headline a Conference Together…

“We would encourage people to tag @JennaEllisEsq on Twitter and share this post, warning her of the mess of theological trash and unrepentant personalities she’s about to walk into.”

(Protestia)  Christendom is gearing up for one of the wildest conferences in a long time – an event so rife with bad theology, character defects, and misguided spirituality and purpose that it’ll be the closest thing to the Christian version of the Fyre Festival there will ever likely be.

Billed as “America’s Revival,” the promo material states:

It’s time to Make America Godly Again.

Join thousands of other God-fearing patriots as we gather for three days of powerful preaching, heartfelt worship and a call to prayer for our nation. This is not a time to bow down. This is not a time to back up.  This is a time to unify, lock arms and declare war on the Satanic agenda that seeks to destroy our families, our values and our nation.  It’s time for the church in America to have revival. 

Consider the cast: ‘pastor’ Greg Locke, Clayton Jennings, ‘pastor’ Tony Spell, ‘pastor’ Joshua Feuerstein, Draylin Young, Joseph Lupetz, Ken Peters, Mike Lindell and Jenna Ellis.  View article →



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