Jenna Ellis Withdraws From ‘Christian’ Conference Featuring Heretics and Scoundrels

(Protestia) Yesterday we wrote in our article “Three Oneness Pentecostals, an Adulterer, a Whoremonger, a Pillow Tycoon, and Trump’s Lawyer Headline a Conference Together…” about how a collective of false teachers, Trinity-deniers, and men whose scandal in their personal lives would give the guy sleeping with his father’s wife in 1 Corinthians 5 a run for his money. They were headlining what was promoted as a “Christian conference,” a three-day event in August called America’s Revival, whose goal was to “Make America Godly Again” and whose promo material states:

Join thousands of other God-fearing patriots as we gather for three days of powerful preaching, heartfelt worship and a call to prayer for our nation. This is not a time to bow down. This is not a time to back up.  This is a time to unify, lock arms and declare war on the Satanic agenda that seeks to destroy our families, our values and our nation.  It’s time for the church in America to have revival.  View article →


Watch Out! Apostasy Alert!! – naming names

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