Nearly 40 Former Mars Hill Elders Issue New Statement: Mark Driscoll is ‘Unfit’ and ‘Unrepentant’

(Protestia) Nearly 40 elders who once worked at Mars Hill Church and served alongside Mark Driscoll during the most tumultuous years of his career have released a public statement outlining their dismay that their former leader has continued his abusive tactics at his new church; calling on him to step down and to enter into a process of conciliation with those he abused.

Comprising of “the majority of the pastors who served at the church between 2011 and 2014, when formal charges were raised against Driscoll” and released to Christianity Today, the letter comes in light of several reports – covered extensively by us here and here – which detail that Mark Driscoll has devolved even further since Mars Hill imploded on account of his abusive behavior….

As time has progressed, and as the new church he founded in 2016, The Trinity Church, has grown to nearly 1000 people, his better angels have transformed into crooked and decrepit demons, and he has carried on many of the same practices, and worse. View article →


Mark Driscoll

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