Megachurch Pastor (and Moody Bible Institute Trustee) Outlines what Reparations Look like: ‘Free Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Childcare for 100 Years’

(Protestia)  A pastor in Chicago has finally put some meat on the bones of reparation theology; doing what so many others that have demanded it have refused to do: give specific examples of what ought to be done and what sort of measures ought to be practically implemented by the government in order to grant reparations to black folk.

Given that this is such a central and important theological category, he likewise questions the salvation of anyone who denies that black folk are due reparations, making it indeed a “gospel issue.”

This is a blessed relief, given how infrequently this clarity occurs. Jemar Tisby and his cacklin’ pro-aborts over at the Witness BCC routinely peck and peck away at the importance of reparations without ever specifying who pays, how much, and why.  View article →


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