The Progressives’ Callous Indifference to the Loss of Small Businesses

Finally, there’s the spectacle of our “woke” cadres who bleed for the oppressed while utterly ignoring the calamity that has befallen many minority business owners destroyed by lockdowns and, more reprehensible, by the burning and looting of their businesses––all on the pretext that “black lives matter.”

(Bruce Thornton – Frontpage)  Last year’s politicized and panicked lockdowns of the economy will be exacting costs for years. From deaths of despair like suicides and drug overdoses, to lost years of learning in schools and psychological fallout from children being isolated––we will be dealing with such consequences of policies that have nothing to do with science, and everything to do with political expediency….

One other calamity is the fate of small businesses, met with callous indifference on the part of our cognitive elites who worked from home and never missed a paycheck.

Last year about 200,000 small businesses, with millions more still at risk, were another casualty of our feckless federal bureaucrats and state government tyrants. In addition to the lockdowns, these businesses also fell prey to months of nationwide riots, arson, looting, and vandalism that was tolerated and often abetted by state and federal authorities. Years of hard work were lost and dreams destroyed. View article →


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