How to not become a victim of this world

I received from several sources today links to John MacArthur’s sermon from this last Sunday. Some even created a 7 minute section of his sermon, posted it, with the warning that it would soon be deleted by YouTube so we should watch and share it soon. I watched it. I shared it. I downloaded it. I have a copy of it. The link to it is below. I suggest you watch it, but before you do let me tell you why it is important.

I have been moving back and forth for the last several months warning you about the moves that Satan’s seed are doing right now in attempts to wreck the Church and destroy the Gospel. That includes creating a false form of Christianity. It also includes our society and governments excluding genuine Christians who refuse to bow the knee to anyone other than God and the Lord Jesus Christ from being part of society. Persecution is coming. God is cleansing His Church.  View article →