Gaslighting, a Covid love story

“Now vaccine advocates have done a massive about-face. In the face of this horrendous data, they have simply refused to admit the vaccines are failing to work as they promised. They don’t ever even acknowledge that months ago, they said vaccines would sharply reduce coronavirus infections and transmission.”

(Alex Barenson) I’m old enough to remember when vaccines were the miracle that would put Covid behind us.

So are you.

It less than six months ago.

From January through May, as the vaccine rollout ramped up, public health experts and reporters insisted the main question about vaccines was just how fast they would get the United States back to normal.

Israel and Britain were the envy of the world, at least that part of the world watching CNN. Those countries were the early leaders in mass vaccinations. Authorities and the media desperately hoped the United States could catch up.

“Vaccine Rollout Gives U.K. a Rare Win in the Pandemic,” the New York Times wrote on January 29.  View article →


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