New TGC Podcast is a Masterclass in Gospel Distortion

“The gospel is not simply the term used to reference the good news of what Christ has done and the biblical truths that surround this magnificent, saving work. Instead, the “gospel” is a separate, malleable, conceptual entity that does things on its own (often subverting the teachings of the Bible) and is a tool to be used to accomplish the goals of popular culture and anti-Christian worldviews.”

(David Morrill – Protestia)  On their new podcast You’re Not CrazyKoran-promoting pastor Ray Ortlund and “I’m deeply sexually attracted to men but I’m not gay” Sam Allberry fill the first episode with a masterclass of scripture twisting, Gospel redefinition, and wedge their unholy foot very firmly in the back door of the church with their promotion of so-called Gospel Culture.

Ortlund and Allberry expertly de-person the true Gospel by separating the term and its meaning from the person and work of Christ and grafting it onto every ancillary, human concern they can – gospel culture, gospel sanity, gospel community, gospel doctrine, and gospel insanity all make an appearance as Ortlund presents a “gospel” entirely separated from Jesus Himself.  View article →


Sam Allberry

Ray Ortlund

Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’

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