Ripples of Kabul

“In a sane world, the Joint Chiefs and the secretary of defense would resign. We have heard for too long their careerist boasts about assigning climate change as their chief challenge. For too long they have virtue signaled their critical race theory credentials to Congress. For too long, they have bragged about rooting out alleged “white supremacists” from their ranks. For too long they have sparred with journalists, while fighting twitter wars and issuing cartoonish commercials attesting to their woke credentials.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness) The American-nurtured Afghan military of the last 20 years that had suffered thousands of prior casualties evaporated in a few hours in the encirclement of Kabul.

Enlistees apparently calculated that their own meager chances with the premodern Taliban were still better than fighting as a dependency of the postmodern United States—despite its deterrent embassy pride flags, powerful diversity training programs, and indomitable new Afghan University gender studies majors.

Forces more powerful than the Taliban, in places far more strategic, will now leverage a cognitively challenged American president, an ideologically driven but predictably incompetent administration, a woke Pentagon, and politically weaponized intelligence communities.

Why not, when Biden trashes both American frackers and the Saudis—only to beg the kingdom to rush to export more of its hated oil before the U.S. midterms?

Why not, when Biden asks Putin to request that Russian-related hackers be a little less rowdy in their selection of U.S. targets?

And why not when our own military jousts with the windmills of “white supremacy” as Afghans fall from U.S. military jets in fatal desperation to reach such a supposedly toxically racist nation?

Biden keeps repeating that he was bound by Trump’s planned withdrawal.

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