‘Apostle’ Says God Opened Door to Pentagon, He Walked, Generals Were Crying and Weeping as He ‘Prophesied’

“What’s worse, they lie about some of the most absurd and demonstrably false things. For example, one woman who believes she’s a “prophetic deliverance minister” says Jesus crawled up in bed with her and played with her hair as he was giving her a direct revelation. So dumb.”

(Reformation Charlotte)  One of the most nefarious movements in Christianity–apart from the woke movement–is the charismatic movement….

The charismatic movement holds that the Apostolic sign gifts, such as tongues and prophecy, did not cease at the closing of the canon of Scripture, but continue today. Interestingly, the vast majority of those who hold this position also hold to other aberrant teachings such as female pastors.

In fact, nearly, every heresy that’s ever entered the Church throughout history has entered through the conduit of continuationism, or the belief that these gifts continue.  View article →


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Watch Out! Apostasy Alert! – Naming names

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