Leftists are trying to destroy anti-vaxxers, but there’s a problem

“It’s not a mystery why this is happening.  Very early on, we were told that the reason mRNA vaccines never got past the animal research stage was that, while the vaccines worked wonderfully against a specific virus strain, they made the animals more vulnerable to any related virus strains.  Now the vaccinated won’t get one form of the virus (yay!) or, at least, won’t get too sick from that form (rah!), but they’re super vulnerable to everything else (booooo).”

(Andrea Widburg – American Thinker)  Leftists are escalating their efforts to force vaccines on people who do not want them, whether they resist as a matter of principle or because of health concerns….

In cities across America, Democrat governments are trying to prevent unvaccinated people from functioning in their communities.  The problem is that it’s becoming increasingly clear that the vaccinations don’t work.  How do you justify isolating people from society when it’s the vaccinated who are in trouble?

In New York, people must have a “vaccine card” to go to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and even music festivals that are held outdoors — and it’s up to businesses to enforce it or face serious fines.  One shot will be allowed for now.   View article →


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