Why Aren’t MUSLIM Countries Taking the Afghan Refugees?

“As Americans or Westerners, isn’t it time to recognize that oppressed Muslims really need other Muslims to come to rescue them rather than placing the burden on infidels?”

(Selwyn Duke – The New American) As Joe Biden “takes a knee to the Taliban” and it has been suggested that we absorb millions of Afghan migrants, a simple question is largely unasked: Why aren’t Muslim countries “stepping forward to take care of their co-religionists”? as American Thinker puts it. “Isn’t it time they did?”

Actually, it’s long past time. This is why I’ve actually been asking the above question for years in response to 2015’s wave of Mideast migration into Europe. The “rich, sparsely populated Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and the UAE are not accepting their supposedly desperate coreligionists,” I wrote in 2018, for example. “Why are these Muslims shipped thousands of miles into the heart of erstwhile Christendom?”  View article →


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