Desperately Seeking Sedition

Despite the hype in the hours, days, and weeks after the Capitol melee, not a single January 6 defendant has been charged with sedition. Turns out, there is #Sedition and then there’s the real thing.

(Ben Boychuk – American Greatness) Twitter account called #SeditionHunters has nearly 49,000 enthusiastic followers. The group describes itself loftily as a “global community of open-source intelligence investigators (OSINT)”—nice haughty touch with the acronym—“working together to assist the U.S. FBI and Washington D.C. Capitol Police in finding people who allegedly committed crimes in the January 6 capitol riots.”….

Its website includes a list of “#SeditionInsiders,” with images of 1,889 people observed inside the Capitol building on January 6, several hundred of whom have been arrested and charged, but not yet tried.

The trouble is, not one of those people has been charged with actual sedition, a major felony that carries up to 20 years in federal prison—which is what #SeditionHunters ostensibly is hunting.    View article →


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