Buckle-up Pro-lifers. They will say anything to silence us

“Pro-abortionists want to distract everyone from the central issue. They want to keep everyone in the dark about what the abortionists are doing in their death chambers. They aren’t merely removing a clump of impersonal cells during an abortion. They are killing living human beings. They want to hide this central truth, but we must not let them do that.”

(Denny Burk)  The left is apoplectic about the shutdown of death-dealing abortion mills in Texas. Nothing is more catastrophic to them than that babies would no longer be subject to legal execution. And there is hardly anything they won’t say or do to get the abortionists back to the important business of killing the unborn.

For that reason, you can expect to hear some crazy, wild claims in days ahead. You are going to hear downright asinine allegations about pro-lifers and their “sinister” motivations. Here is a case in point. Jeff Greenfield claims in Politico that evangelical opposition to abortion was merely a pretext for racial discrimination:  View article →


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