Psaki Shares Inaccurate Information About COVID After Hectoring Newsmax Reporter for Asking ‘Inaccurate’ Question

“This is not just for unvaccinated people. In South Florida, half the people who are seeking this treatment are fully vaccinated, so why is the Biden administration cutting these supplies?”

(Debra Hein – PJ Media)  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday denied that the Biden Regime was punishing red states by slashing their supplies of Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatments, haughtily telling Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson that the claim was “inaccurate.” However, in her answer, the press secretary made a few inaccurate assertions herself.

Two months ago, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was castigated by Democrats for promoting the monoclonal antibodies to treat patients with COVID-19. Initially, they argued that the treatments didn’t work.   Eventually, they admitted that the therapy did work, but was “not the path out of the pandemic.”  View article →


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