Contradictions Gone Viral

On August 22, an open letter by the COVID19 Assembly signed by 124 medical professionals, was sent to U.K. government authorities contesting official COVID policies based on flawed assumptions, undeniable failures and the shutting down of debate. “The pandemic response policies implemented,” the signatories assert, “have caused massive, permanent and unnecessary harm to our nation, and must never be repeated.” 

(David Solway – PJ Media)  The controversy over the efficacy and safety of the COVID vaccines and boosters, and the validity of vaccine passports, seems only to have grown more pronounced and, indeed, more vehement with every passing week….

The apologists for the vaccines—political leaders, medical “experts” (usually government-affiliated), the media and the punditocracy—have deposed that everyone must be vaccinated, unleashing an army of “fact-checkers” to torpedo any dissident argument and call the credentials and bona fides of highly accredited objectors into question, that is, when they are not being summarily censored.

The legacy press, as to be expected, is busy advancing the staple narrative of the official echelons. There are very few exceptions. I have just come across a particularly egregious and representative sample of such sanctimonious special pleading by Jonathan Kay in Canada’s National Post, worth attending to as an example of hack opportunism to be met with almost everywhere in the mainstream media. The moving finger writes, but in the case of the majority of journalists, only after it has gauged the direction of the wind.  View article →


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