Joe Biden wants a European-style socialist system

(Bill O’Reilly, “The Deception Zone”)  Last week President Biden read the teleprompter for a few minutes touting his $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill.  Even though the smart money knows this is a flat-out socialist scheme, the President says it is not and loudly proclaimed: “I’m a capitalist!”

Well, we know Hunter Biden is a crony capitalist but dad?  Here’s the truth: he is what his handlers tell him to be.

In the speech, Mr. Biden embraced deception the way my Corgi consumes dinner, ferociously.  Let’s run it down.

The overarching Biden point is that the U.S. tax code is crooked and rich white guys benefit most.  Okay, so why doesn’t the President call for a “flat tax” where all corporate and private loopholes are banished and taxation is based on a percentage of gross income and profits? View article →


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