You Need to Hear a Story About Chickens Before Vaccine Mandates Go Any Further

“Marek’s disease in chickens was the first time the phenomenon of a leaky vaccine, and its effect on viral mutation, demonstrated that the vaccinated can be dangerous to the unvaccinated.”

(The Conservative Dispatch)  While reading a story about a new COVID-19 variant called R-1, blamed for 53 cases in California, I came across a line that needs to be corrected. “The R.1 variant proves that mutations will continue to take place….

The most effective way to stop these mutations from happening is to get vaccinated.” You will hear statements like this about vaccines and mutations from the president on down. Everyone needs to be able to combat this idea.

First, viruses mutate when they face evolutionary pressure. Obstacles to the virus entering the cells of a host’s body to make copies of itself, also called replication, create this pressure. The immune systems of many unvaccinated people will provide no obstacles at all. Over the first four to five days of a COVID-19 infection, the person’s viral load will increase, then they become symptomatic, and can transmit the virus to other potential hosts. There is almost no pressure on the virus to update its bag of tricks, or mutate, in this case.  View article →


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