NYT Corrects Story on Border Agents, Admits No Evidence for Claim They Attacked Haitian Illegals

(R. Cort Kirkwood – The New American) When the leftist Twitter mob spread photos of mounted U.S. Border Patrol agents “whipping” Haitian illegal aliens to herd them back across the Rio Grande into Mexico, President Biden reacted quickly.

“It was horrible to see” images of “people being strapped,” he lamented.

Of course, Biden didn’t see “people being strapped” because border agents did not use “whips” or their reins to “strap” them.

Nothing of the kind happened, as the New York Times admitted after it, too, spread the lie. Yet even in correcting its original story, the Times suggested that some evidence of crazed border agents “strapping” illegals might turn up.  View article →


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