Undercover Video: Pfizer Scientists Say Natural Immunity Is Superior and Big Pharma is Suppressing Info for Money

The undercover journalist tells Croce that she has had her antibodies checked recently and she has “monster immunity.” Croce tells her his brother has the same result from natural infection. She asks him if she should get vaccinated. “Wait,” he advises. She then asks if her immunity is as good as the vaccine and Croce replies, “probably better.”

(Megan Fox – PJ Media)  James O’Keefe and Project Veritas has struck again and this time, it looks like undercover honey pots took some Pfizer nerds out for dinner and got them talking about stuff The Man doesn’t want you to know—specifically, that natural immunity is better than the COVID vaccine. Duh….

We all know this. But the Ministry of Truth is trying to bury knowledge we’ve all had since birth and pretend that none of our grandparents knew how to treat a respiratory virus.

Project Veritas’s new undercover video exposes Pfizer scientists admitting what we all already know. Get ready for this one. It’s illuminating. (I can’t be the only one who feels a little bad for these lab geeks who think they’re out on a date with a pretty girl. They’re never going to trust women again. And I hope they don’t get fired. They seem like decent dudes.)  View article →


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