SBC’s Legal Counsel Resigns After Executive Committee Pressured into Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege

“We are seeing the effects of Russell Moore’s Chicago-style political tactics against the Southern Baptist Convention as the denomination now begins to be deconstructed and handed over to the leftists for full control. Amid waiving attorney-client privilege, the legal firm that has represented the Southern Baptist Convention for 56 years has now abruptly resigned, citing the inability to effectively serve the denomination without attorney-client privilege.”

(Reformation Charlotte)  If you’ve been following the sham “sex abuse” investigation of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) you’re probably aware by now that the Executive Committee–who has been accused by leftists including former ERLC head, Russell Moore of covering up sex abuse–caved to the demands of the leftists and waived attorney-client privilege.

The argument the left made is that the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in June voted for a complete and transparent investigation and called for the Executive Committee to waive the privilege. Of course, the vast majority of the messengers at the annual meeting who voted for this were clueless as to the ramifications and impact it would have on the future of the denomination–and likely still are–but that impact is clearly beginning to be seen. View article →


Russell Moore

Southern Baptist Convention

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